Public For A Reason

Who We Are

We’re CUPE 37 & 38: Calgary’s outdoor and indoor workers.
We keep the city running smoothly day to day and week to week by executing the plans set out by city leaders, as voted on by you.
Our members fill roles in:

  • Waste and recycling services
  • Public water and wastewater services (including boat patrol)
  • Supply, facility and fleet management
  • Park maintenance and animal care at the Calgary Zoo
  • Golf course, aquatic, fitness and leisure centre management
  • Police services, community standards and Calgary housingĀ 
  • Transportation maintenance, construction and business services
  • City planning and development, and building services (including 3-1-1)
  • City administration, including the by-law office
  • Traffic and parkingĀ 
  • City warehouses
  • Public Art Administration

What We Do

We bring fitness, leisure and safety to communities across Calgary. We’re on the ground running the programs, doing the work, overseeing the efforts and ensuring equity.

We work hard to maintain the pride we all feel in Calgary by making it a beautify, safe and pleasant place to live, work and raise a family.

And we answer to you, the residents of Calgary, because that’s the way it should be.

Why We Should Matter To You

Because the decisions we all make today about the kind of city we want Calgary to be will affect our children for as long as they live here. Like most Canadians, we believe in a strong public service that works for us and us alone. We know from other cities around the world that privatizing the public service doesn't work. If you need a reason to keep Calgary's public service public, that'd be the first one.
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