Public For A Reason

Who We Are

CUPE. We’re Public for a reason.

CUPE workers provide services that Calgarians value as pillars of what makes Calgary a great place to live, grow, work and play.

We represent Calgary’s indoor and outdoor workers who keep the city running smoothly day to day executing the plans set out by city leaders, as voted on by you.

We are everywhere you are.

  • Waste and recycling services
  • Public water and wastewater services (including boat patrol)
  • Supply, facility and fleet management
  • Park maintenance and animal care at the Calgary Zoo
  • Golf course, aquatic, fitness and leisure center management
  • Police services, community standards and Calgary housing
  • Transportation maintenance, construction and business services
  • City planning and development, and building services (including 3-1-1)
  • City administration, including the by-law office
  • Traffic and parking
  • City warehouses
  • Public Art Administration


What We Do

As part of the fabric that unites Calgary, we provide services that you value. We are dedicated to keeping Calgary running smoothly, ensuring you have access to a clean, healthy, and sustainable environment. We stand with you as pillars of what makes Calgary a great city for all walks of life.

We do our best to provide the best possible quality of life to communities across Calgary. We’re on the ground running programs, doing good work, overseeing future growth while remaining focused on today’s needs that require attention.

We work hard to maintain the pride we all feel in Calgary.