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The Most Livable City in North America

Every year, The Economist ranks cities around the world based on stability, healthcare, culture & environment, education and infrastructure. This determines what cities have the best living conditions and provide the highest quality of life.

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Calgary Needs Help, But Massive Cuts Are Not The Answer

Increased taxes and cuts to government spending are effective practices when the economy is stable.

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Privatization Is Not The Answer

Privatization seems smart until you dig into what actually has to happen.


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A Healthy Community Needs A Healthy Public Service

Do you believe every Calgary resident deserves access to quality of life, equality and the opportunity to prosper?

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Hard Decisions Have To Be Made About Saving Money

Difficult questions have to be asked. Fortunately, we have a few of the answers in advance.

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Calgarians feel they have a good quality of life.  Almost 4 in 5 (79%) agree that it is good, while 11% say “fair” and 10% say “poor”

We commissioned a study into how Calgarians feel about important issues. Six Hundred randomly selected residents were called, as were additional residents in the Black Cart Pilot Project area so as to have a bigger representation in the waste collection discussion. The results were weighted to be representative of gender and age according to the 2019 Census. Overall, the results can be considered accurate to within +/-4%, 95% of the time.


Considering all the services provided by the City of Calgary, do Calgarians believe they receive good value for their tax dollars?

Agree 40%

Disagree 24%

Neutral 36%

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