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Public For A Reason Public For A Reason


There are many reasons why CUPE Members are an integral part of Calgary’s future

As resident Calgarians and CUPE community members, we provide services that you value. We are dedicated to keeping Calgary running smoothly, ensuring you have access to a clean, healthy, and sustainable environment.

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The Most Livable City in North America

Every year The Economist ranks cities around the world based on stability, healthcare, culture & environment, education and infrastructure. This determines what cities have the best living conditions and provide the highest quality of life.

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We fill the need for public services and potholes

From potholes and sidewalk repair to clearing our roads of debris and keeping traffic flowing, CUPE workers play a key role in maintaining the flow of Calgary’s movement towards a future for all.


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Access to city services anytime, anywhere.

Emergency services, citizens’ concerns and community services funnel through our call centers; a primary touchpoint between the city and the citizens. 24 hours a day 7 days a week CUPE members are on the pulse of what Calgary needs to continue its growth as one of the best Canadian cities to be a part of.

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“Our Calgary includes CUPE”

CUPE members serve Calgary’s communities with pride. Along with our fellow Calgarians, we are part of the fabric of Calgary’s foundation. We live with you and work for you. We are your neighbours, friends, colleagues and pillars of our communities. CUPE we work for Calgary.

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Calgarians feel they have a good quality of life.  Almost 4 in 5 (79%) agree that it is good, while 11% say “fair” and 10% say “poor”

We commissioned a study into how Calgarians feel about important issues. Six Hundred randomly selected residents were called, as were additional residents in the Black Cart Pilot Project area so as to have a bigger representation in the waste collection discussion. The results were weighted to be representative of gender and age according to the 2019 Census. Overall, the results can be considered accurate to within +/-4%, 95% of the time.

CUPE Members are proud to deliver services that contribute to all of these areas:

3rd most livable city in the world.
#1 most extensive urban bike pathway in North America.
1,000 km of pathways and 96 km of trails.
Top 10 global cities for family friendliness.
10,000 hectares of parkland and public green spaces.
5,600 public parks.
150 off-leash dog areas.
48 golf courses.
15,000 potholes are repaired every year.
4 out of 5 Calgarians feel they have a good quality of life.
CUPE members are proud to deliver services that Calgarians deem as important to their quality of life.
84% of Calgarians feel public parks are important.

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